What do I need to check before the first power on my TEVO Tarantula?

So, you just finished assembling the printer and are ready to turn on the printer for the first time?
Before you do that, it is recommended that you do a few pre-checks first.



1 – Check the main input voltage selector

Please check first if the main input voltage selector is set according to your country’s main voltage.

IMPORTANT: This must fit 100% before power on otherwise you will risk to ruin your 3d printer!

Normally we ship the clients the correct main input power cable including plug fitting your country and the PSU correct switched but in case you bought from a reseller your PSU configuration can be different.



2 – Check Connections

Make sure that all the plugs (endstops, motors, fans, power, etc) are plugged in. Also, make sure each cable is connected in the correct connector. For the green screw type connectors, make sure that the screws are tighten.



3 – Check all the belts and check their tension.

Now it is time to look at all of our TEVO Tarantula belts and check their tension.



4 – Check all the carriages.

Make sure they move correctly along the entire axis and make sure that they don’t have any wobble.



5 – Move each axis manually

Now it is time to check the X, Y & Z axis – test if they move freely along from endstop till opposite end.
Also check if they can reach the endstops without any obstacles like cables.

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