What do I need to check after the first power on my TEVO Tornado?

As soon as you turn on the printer, the display should light up and the firmware will initialize.
Before we can initialize (home) the printer, it’s recommended to do a few checks.

1 – Check the hotend and heatbed temperature indication. Both must read the room temperature.

2 – Using the menus on the display, move each axis a small amount back and forth.

This will let you know if each motor is turning correctly and if it’s turning in the right direction.
The correct direction is when you have the axis moving away from the endstops while the coordinates on the screen increase.
For the extruder motor, you need to increase the hotend temperature above 180ºC first.

3 – Increase the hotend temperature up to 60 degrees C. Check if the hotend fan starts spinning. Also check if the main board fan is running.

4 – Test the endstops. Move every axis away from the endstops and select home.
Trigger each endstop with your finger before the carriage reaches the endstop. If the axis under test does not stop press the reset button located near the display.

5 – Execute home all axis and check if the home sequence is correctly executed.
If you need to stop the printer, use the reset button near the display.

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