PID Tuning

When there is alarm about temperature on the screen, and make the printer halted, you may need to tuning the PID settting.

Thanks Derek Garnett information For hotend
M106 run fan 100%
M303 start pid tuning
E-0 select the hotend
S210 select the temp
C8 number of cycles to be run
And to save the values 
M301 P which would be your kp value, I which would be your ki value and D which would be you kd value
And finally M500 to save

Note: The surrounding temp. also influence this setting, you may need to tuning this if temp. changes a lot.

1. Use Repetier host (Or any slicing software similar) to running the printer, input M303 S240 C8 to check the PID.

2. You will get the average PID parameter in the data after few minutes.

3. Then go to LCD screen to adjust the same PID as showed in repetier host.don’t forget to Store Setting

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