How to upgrade your Taratula pro with dual Z?

1.Loosen the M5*8 screw and take off the top braket.

2.Loosen the M5*25 bolt and take off the top 2020*330mm profile.

3.Take of the belt, and loosen the M5*8 screw here to dived the right X carriage from profile.

4.Take off the right X carriage.

5.Unassemble the right X carriage.

6.Use assemble the X carriage.

7. Use install the leadscrew nut.

8. Assemble the X carriage into the profile, and adjust the tension of the wheel.

9.Use M5*8 bolt to tight the X carriage.

10.Assemble the Z stepper motor kit.

11.Install the motor into printer.

12.Install the lead screw into another side. Adjust till it is straight and level both side.

13.Use M5*25 assemble the top profile back.

14.Install the belt with 2 timing wheel(30 teeth) together.

15.Install the top bracket.

16.Put 2 bracket back to printer.

17.Add the A4988 drivers or TMC2208 drivers same as your original one.

Turn the voltage around 0.8V for A4988, 1V for TMC2208. you can check the detail info how to adjust the voltage:

18.Connect the E1 stepper motor to board.

18.Contact the printer to PC and flash the firmware. (Dual Z firmware)

All the upgrade kits used in this project SKU 02-01790A:

  • SKU 53-01786A*1: Right X carriage brakcet support
  • SKU 53-01787A*1: Leadscrew support carrige
  • SKU 53-00656A*1: F688ZZ bearing
  • SKU 56-00292A*2: M5*8 Bolt
  • SKU 56-00620A*4: M5 T-nut
  • SKU 56-00003A*2: M4 T-nut
  • SKU 56-01213A*2: M5*8
  • SKU 07-00032A*1: Stepper motor 40mm
  • SKU 53-00009A*1: Coupler 5*8mm
  • SKU 53-01326A*1:T8 leade screw; 4 teeth; 8mm; 390,, length
  • SKU 56-00675A*1:T8 Leadscrew nut; 4 teeth; 8mm
  • SKU 53-01303A*1: CNC block to fix motor
  • SKU 56-00302A*2: M4*12 bolt
  • SKU 56-00950A*2: M3*14 bolt
  • SKU 56-00060A*4: M3*12 nolt
  • SKU 56-00643A*3: M5*40 bolt
  • SKU 56-00066A*4: M3 Nut
  • SKU 56-01064A*4: M3 Washer
  • SKU 59-01076A*1: 0 ring; out 7mm
  • SKU 53-01334A*2: Timing wheel; 2GT; 6mm; 30 teeth
  • SKU 54-01333A*1: Circle belt; 2GT-640-6mm
  • SKU 09-01328A*1: Stepper motor wire
  • SKU 53-00671A*2: Brass spacer 5*8mm; 7mm length
  • SKU 56-00277A*2: Washer; 5*8mm; 1mm thickness
  • SKU 53-01191A*2: Eccentric nut
  • SKU 53-01299A*1: X metal brakcet

You can purchase theTMC2208 upgrade kit form our official Aliexpress store:

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