How to upgrade your Tarantula pro with TMC2208?

1.Unassemble the mainboard, use M4*12 to install the 4010 fan,

2. Connect the fan wire to 12/24v slot on the board.

3. Take off A4988 from the board. and also take off the MS3 jumpers (the right one)

4.Install the TMC2208 and heat sink, make sure the direction of heat sink, should be 90 degree where they are.

5.Adjust the voltage around 1V for each TMC2208 drivers.

6.Connect the printer to PC and Flash the firmware.

All the upgrade kits used in this project 02-01789A:

  • SKU 03-01422A*4: TMC2208 Drivers
  • SKU 53-01423A*4: Heat sink
  • SKU 04-01570A*1: 4010 Fan; 24V; XH2.54; pn2
  • SKU 56-01266A*4: M4*12 bolt

For the first batch customer, you need to print a fan support first:

You can also check detail video tutorial from Rui’s video:

You can purchase the BLTouch upgrade kit form our official Aliexpress store:

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