How to upgrade your Tarantula pro with BLTouch?

  1. Loosen the M3*8 screws from E3D hotend.

2.Use M3*8 screws install the brass spacer. To support the BLTouch.

3. Use M3*8 to install the BLTouch into X carriage.

4.Assemble the E3D to X carriage again.

5.Connect the BLTouch wire and our Aviation plug GX12-5.

6. Replace the z endstop wire with the aviation plug wire shows in below.

7. Connect the printer to PC and Flash the firmware from:

Manual for BLTouch:

All the upgrade kits used in this project SKU 02-01382A:

  • SKU 08-01390*1: BLTouch
  • SKU 56-00855A*4: M3*8 Bolt
  • SKU 56-01339A*2: Brass spacer
  • SKU 15-01325A*1: Aviation plug
  • SKU 09-01347A*1: BLTouch wire 1.1m;28AWG
  • SKU 59-01433A*1: Woven tube(wires sort) ;1.1m length

You can purchase theTMC2208 upgrade kit form our official Aliexpress store:

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