Homing issue: one or multiple stepper motor(s) won’t stop at home position during homing

If you get an issue where stepper motor(s) won’t stop during homing and instead stepper motor(s) just keep moving and causing some noise due to skipped steps then there is couple things you have to check to fix the issue.

  1. Check that limit cables are connected to limit switches that those belong to. See the following pictures to show where limit switches are located and for which axis those are meant for.
  2. Check that the axis can actually move up to the limit switch and especially on the Y and Z axis as if the switch is not in right position on extrusion then it is possible that the Y axis gantry won’t ever reach the switch and so causing Y axis to just continue moving towards switch and causing skipped steps.
  3. Check that limit switches are actually functioning by powering on the printer and trying to press the limit switch lever. It should light the blue led on the switch circuit board. If there will be no light then there is a change that limit switch won’t work and has to be replaced.

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