TEVO 3D Printer Software

For our TEVO 3d printers there are various software solutions available – free or paid. First we want give you an oversight over the different parts from preparing a part you want to print, to transport it to your 3d printer & including explain of all software types.


Types of Software you will need for 3D Printing:

  • Slicing Software
  • 3D Printer Control Software (alternatives: SD card or standalone controller hardware)


  • “Full 3D Printing Software” (combination of slicer & control software in one)


  • 3D Printing Controller Hardware


Slicing Software

A slicing software or what is also called a “slicer” will take your designed part file (mostly *.stl format) and will prepare it ready for your 3d printer. So in easy explain it will take all custom settings for machine, filament and 3d printing related values you setup once and will export you a file what you can then simple print on your 3d printer.

The format of this exported file of the slicer ready for your printer is *.gcode – this can then be transfered to your 3d printer via some control software, SD card or 3D printing hardware controller.

We recommend following slicers to our clients – please visit their site & download newest version:

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3D Printer Control Software

After you generated your *.gcode file via your slicer you can send it to your 3d printer from your computer if it is connected via USB. A 3d printer control software installed on your computer give you also the possibility to control your printer via GUI & to send commands via “command line tool”.

Alternatives for transport the gcode file to your printer are use a SD card or a stand-alone 3d printing hardware controller.

We recommend following 3d printer control software to our clients – please visit the site & download newest version:

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Full 3D Printing Software

A “Full 3D Printing Software” suite is just a combination of a slicer & control software in one. So you can slice & print out of one software & GUI. One of the most famous examples is here Simplify3D (not free) – a powerfull professional all-in-one 3d printing suite.

Simplify3D have one-click setup profiles included of all TEVO 3d printers for easy setup. If you want to integrate your TEVO 3d printer printbed in background of S3D please visit our guide:

“How to integrate my TEVO 3D Printer in Simplify3D”

Find the Simplify3D website here:

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3D Printing Controller Hardware

As there are cons when have a computer run all time while 3d printing, specially when use it as 3d printing controller via USB connection, people started to use small computers like a Raspberry Pi as dedicated controller.

This give you a few pros compared to the alternatives like USB or SD card – a network connected¬†3D Printing Controller Hardware will give your 3d printer a web-interface, let you upload gcode & control your 3d printer via your web browser. On top you can hook up a cam to your Raspberry Pi and visual monitor your actual running 3d print job. There are also a mobile & smart watch apps acting as “3d printer remotes” available for this controller distributions.

This solution comes also pretty handy when have more 3d printers running and want to have centralized controlable via your browser. Some distributions have slicers build in but this are limited in their features – so the “best case” is to use an extra slicer & finally a dedicated controller.

We recommend following 3d printer controller distributions for Raspberry Pi to our clients – please visit the site & download their newest version:

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We are proud and happy that a lot of slicing softwares included our TEVO 3D Printers for a one-click setup experience for fast 3d printing experience.