TEVO 3D Printer Firmware & Drivers

You find on this page all links to your actual firmware & driver for your TEVO 3d printer model. Take care when update your 3d printer to follow each step of the tutorials for your 3d printer!
As flash tool you will need Arduino what you can download from their site in newest version here.


3D Printer Motherboard Flash Tutorial Firmware & Driver
TEVO Tarantula  MKS Base (Marlin) |
TEVO Black Widow  MKS Gen (Marlin) |
TEVO Little Monster  MKS SBase (Smoothieware) |
TEVO Michelangelo  MKS Gen-L (Marlin) |
TEVO Tornado  MKS Gen-L (Marlin) |
TEVO Flash  MKS Gen-L (Marlin) |


Please read instructions carefully and follow each step 1:1. Interrupting update of firmware or flashing it with wrong one will result in broken 3d printer motherboards!