The latest tarantula pro manual

Please check the attachment here, you can also find it in our facebook group files: You can find Rui’s assembly video here:

My printer making random lines across the build.

The printer make many lines random during the printing. straight or across. You can print via PC before this issue fixed. 1.Change your sd card if this still happen. Move cables away from reader. 2.Replace the powe supply, usually this is because interference.

PID Tuning

When there is alarm about temperature on the screen, and make the printer halted, you may need to tuning the PID settting. Thanks Derek Garnett information For hotend M106 run fan 100%M303 start pid tuningE-0 select the hotendS210 select the tempC8 number of cycles to be runAnd to save the […]


This usually happens during the printing, It is because the temparature not stable enough and fluctuation. Issue caused by heating tube or thermistor. Check if the insulation cotton(yellow one) get loose, It will make temperature fluctuation. 2. Check if the heating wires (red one) and thermistor (black one) get loose, […]