Replacing the hotend thermistor

Sometimes the hotend thermistor may get broken or damaged due some circumstances and in these cases you can follow this instruction to replace it. For a start loosen the bolts shown with red arrows in the following picture. After this move the hotend cover / fan holder safely aside, but […]

Thermal runaway error

If you see this error during heating nozzle/bed or during printing then printer has gone in protection mode to prevent risk of fire. This happens if temperature suddenly raises or drops a lot for around one minute. This can be caused either by printer being in too hot environment or […]

How to upgrade your Taratula pro with dual Z?

1.Loosen the M5*8 screw and take off the top braket. 2.Loosen the M5*25 bolt and take off the top 2020*330mm profile. 3.Take of the belt, and loosen the M5*8 screw here to dived the right X carriage from profile. 4.Take off the right X carriage. 5.Unassemble the right X carriage. […]

How to upgrade your Tarantula pro with TMC2208?

1.Unassemble the mainboard, use M4*12 to install the 4010 fan, 2. Connect the fan wire to 12/24v slot on the board. 3. Take off A4988 from the board. and also take off the MS3 jumpers (the right one) 4.Install the TMC2208 and heat sink, make sure the direction of heat […]

How to upgrade your Tarantula pro with BLTouch?

Loosen the M3*8 screws from E3D hotend. 2.Use M3*8 screws install the brass spacer. To support the BLTouch. 3. Use M3*8 to install the BLTouch into X carriage. 4.Assemble the E3D to X carriage again. 5.Connect the BLTouch wire and our Aviation plug GX12-5. 6. Replace the z endstop wire […]

The latest tarantula pro manual

Please check the attachment here, you can also find it in our facebook group files: You can find Rui’s assembly video here:

My printer making random lines across the build.

The printer make many lines random during the printing. straight or across. You can print via PC before this issue fixed. 1.Change your sd card if this still happen. Move cables away from reader. 2.Replace the powe supply, usually this is because interference.