How to get a TEVO reseller?

We are constant looking forward to new business relationships with reliable partners and grow our network. Tevo was found in 2015 and we are happy that we are still a 100% family owned business with young team. Our vision was to bring reliable 3d printing to consumer masses & with […]

How to get a TEVO 3d printer affiliate?

Thank you for your interest in our TEVO Products – our team is always happy to get in contact with people what have websites in the maker, hobby & 3d printing space. We have set up a TEVO 3d printer affiliate program for our partners. Just register as our affiliate […]

What countries can TEVO ship to?

There is detail information for the areas both in our Aliexpress store and Shopify store. You can take a look to check out all common countries we usually ship. Your country missing? If there is a country that not list, please dont hesitate to contact our TEVO sales support team.

Is there a discount or coupon?

We have promotions for 3.28; 8.28 and 11.11 on Aliexpress. Also there will be big discount during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Amazon. Please watch out on coupons & vouchers for TEVO 3d printer discounts on that dates & our official social media channels!